Newbie and Proud

Perfect doesn't make you happy. Happy makes you perfect :)

It's been well over a few weeks since I've started on my first Real job!!! And somehow I still can't completely accept that this is going to become a permanent part of my life. At least for now until I gather enough courage and resources to start off on something different. I've been asked several times, how it is that I decided to settle down on this, given that I seem to be yearning for something more. 

Well ... this has become a serious consideration of mine for over the past few weeks, and I guess the best answer is that ... I don't actually feel that I'm "settling down," but rather ... trying something different! Never have I had to make waking up early a daily habit, nor had to get myself acquainted with a huge group of colleagues who'd treat me as a total stranger, considering my new presence within them, not to mention helping execute an actual case that makes profit and will be built for REAL! I've kept myself busy with much of the spare time I've got, now that I find such time precious. Though I've yet learnt to completely love everything about this new way of life, it is just all so new and somewhat intimidating to me that I'm still deciding how exactly to embrace it all.

Another thing is, I'm so excited to be finally "living in Taipei City!" It used to be just occasional weekends back here, or busy summers with a lot of activities going on, or my high school that is just so far away that I barely sense the spirit of the city. Even though Taipei may not seem as thriving or attractive compared to internationally appealing cities like New York or London, there is just so much yet to discover here! 

They keep telling me, "you're so lucky, it's because you haven't been to heaven, that you don't even know you're in hell." This, referring to the working environment I'm in, they seem to prefer the second floor work space much more than the first floor where I'm at." Well ... in that case, I'd rather it be this way, I'm grateful for I can attempt to create my own heaven in this place they know as hell. :)

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