[Hike Taiwan] Smangus_Village in the Clouds 司馬庫斯

[village in the clouds]

[on our way to Yaya Q-Parung]

For the past two days, we visited the Atayal village of 司馬庫斯 - or in 泰雅族語 - Smangus. Despite the torturous drive up and down the mountains, it was a trip full of awe and grace. every few seconds, my heart felt recharged full of gratitude and love for the natural beauty of this island. 

It's been quite a while since I've given thought to the spiritual, at all, but being in what they call "上帝的部落", (or "Village in the Clouds"), I could feel the presence of a different kind of energy that draws visitors from far away, as well as the energy that their people is bound together by.