[Taranaki] Golden Pouakai Circuit

(Please be warned that this post is going to contain lots and lots and lots of portraits of Taranaki ..., just because it is so irresistible and in my eyes, ever-changing from every perspective! Enjoy!)

[Taranaki] The Forgotten Highway

After a night of rest at an awesome holiday park in Harewa after departing the Taranki, today we stopped briefly at Stratford, saw the glockenspiel on mute (they say that there are sounds usually, but for some reason it wasn't performing right today), and took off on the Forgotten Highway - SH 43.

[Taranaki] All-Black Sand and Endless Sunsets

Oh Taranaki, you amaze me! I have been so intrigued and fascinated by this place, my brother keeps saying that I should just marry it. 

As they said, every story involves a love affair, and a sad one this is indeed.