omg I love this soooooo much!!! Much love to everyone who contributed their own elephant! 

It's SO interesting how everyone pictures an elephant. Big ears, long trunks, all musts! But then there were also fascinating discussions about whether elephants had TOES!!! Woah! Who would've even given this much thought! Well, guess what? Google tells us that elephants indeed have toes, and much to everyone's surprise, elephants have an unknown SIXTH toe which was discovered just less than a year ago! Apparently, elephants need more than five toes to hold their weight and help them move! Interesting huh? 

ANYWAYS, back to what I was saying ... it was also most interesting watching people's reactions from claiming that "omg I do not know how to draw an elephant!" and then clearly depicting their image of an elephant on paper! hehehe. See? There's a child inside everyone of us, and inside every child there's an artist! 

Hahaha I really do not remember when this addiction started, (as with anything caramel related!) but unquestionably it's here to stay! Hence the new blog title! :P

More elephants to come! :D

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