[Bike Around Taiwan] WE DID IT!!!

Usually, I'd most probably say:
"OH MY GOD ~~~ I can't believe we actually did this! We actually biked around the entire island of Taiwan!!!!"

But this time, I truly completely 100 percent positively believe that we did it! 
All because of all the time we spent together, every beautiful landscape we passed, every person we met, every bite of food we've taken, every uphill and downhill, all the fun, pain and laughter, every single bit of it, was as real and memorable as it can be!

One thing I can't believe is that, how come I never put this on my 100 Life List? Ohhh I know! Because there's just too many challenges out there to take on! Isn't that what makes life so unpredictable and exciting? 

Photographs really aren't even close enough to capturing the moments that will be forever imprinted in our memories.

This is much much more than just a challenge, it's a real eye-opener, a process of change and time, a collection of precious memories and experiences. With every step on the pedal I take, other than "I'm having such a great time!!!!!!!!!!" or not to mention, "MANNNN are we THERE YET?" lol, I'd also keep thinking "this is creating a memory."

No Regrets! I'm so glad we did this! 

Truly thanks to all the friends and family who've supported and encouraged us along the way, making this experience so much more worth it!

Taiwan is SUCH a gem on this planet. Incredibly beautiful, I can't get enough of our own country! So much fun, spectacular scenes, and wonderful people all the way! 要好好寶貝啊!