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To Amazing-Girl-#1-Zoe! 

Nothing better than to recharge yourself to enjoy the rest of the night! (Of COURSE dinner isn't going to be your last meal, what are you talking about? There are still dessert and drinks!!)

Ahhhh New York has such great Japanese restaurants! Too bad the two times I've been to Ippudo it was ALWAYS really really full (but it is sooo highly recommended) !! That's going to be on the top of my list the second time I visit New York!

★ Totto Ramen - I actually didn't get the Ramen here although it did taste really good! It's cuz I've been having soooo much Ramen ever since I got to the New York/Boston area lol, it's a really really tiny place, which makes the place feel really cozy haha and we did wait quite a while but it was really worth the wait!
366 W 52nd St (between 8th Ave & 9th Ave) 

Udon West - this one the Guys picked out! omggggg it was SUCH a great meal especially after having our faces blown frozen from the ferry ride to staten island and trodding out in the snow after the blizzard for the entire day! Sake makes everything better especially in freezing weather! lol! This is definitely the BEST Japanese meal I've had out of all the others (sorry Natalie lol) and really cheap too! There's so much more to check out in the St. Marks area! 
11 St. Marks Pl (between 3rd Ave & Astor Pl) 

★ Nathan's - hahahaha if you want a really really quick and cheap meal! New York Hot dogs, New York dollar pizzas, New York pretzels, try all that haha, also I think Shake Shack is supposedly the Checkers of New York, try that too! even the fast food delivery websites are really worth checking out cuz I LOVE the fries we ordered one night! Come to think of it ... we even had 吉野家 for dinner one night, which was also really good I guess because of the American meat haha

★ Uno Chicago Bar and Grill - looking for a place to hold twenty something people that are just dying to hide out somewhere other than Time's Square for the countdown? lol! I couldn't help missing the  amazing Deep Dish Pizza I had in Chicago, but if this is "deep" in New York, Chicago's is the Mariana Trench! sooo just check out the desserts, they're soooo good (see! Even the menu in the picture below says so!) I could have finished everyone else's dessert if they hadn't loved theirs so much too!
89 South St New York

Salt - the lights, the food, the people, the whole atmosphere, it's Christmas Eve dinner!!! if you're going for something classy/local, go to Salt! one suggestion: get the lamb get the lamb get the lamb get the lamb get the lamb get the lamb get the lamb get the lamb get the lamb get the lamb get the lamb get the lamb get the lamb get the lamb get the lamb get the lamb get the lamb get the lamb
58 MacDougal St New York

Morimoto - I've got to say: this is the most finely designed restaurant I've ever been to. Everything from the interior design to the cutlery and food, it' just F.I.N.E. Located below the High Line, take a stroll through the park and dine here to get a taste of the high life in the city!
88 10th Ave New York

Fig and Olive - another really nicely designed restaurant, it's the high life! Mediterranean cuisine too! You'd really start sensing how important it is to at least have some kind of drink everyday no matter what kind of meal you're having lol
420 W 13th St (between 9th Ave & Washington St)

Chicken Over Rice - really really really do try this if you're not planning to sit down at any restaurant specifically! Get either chicken or lamb, ask for a lot of sauce, and just find any random place to dig into this! The first one I had we brought it back to a friend's place, thankfully. And the second one we had to finish up in front of Cafe Lola because I guess it wouldn't have let us eat inside anyways lol. One serving should be enough for two people! There are tons of these around MoMA (I think around 53rd street and 7th avenue, just ask around!), and I think it's just like Taichung's 大腸包小腸, people line up wherever the longer line is because they think it's better with more people, but honestly, they're just all really good!

Max Brenner - can you believe that this is DINNER?!!! are you a sweet tooth like me? I had tons of CHOCOLATE and MARSHMALLOWS for dinner on Christmas night and it was sooooooooooooooooo SWEET but soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good!! It's so much more than a treat! There's ice-cream, and waffles, and fondue, and a whole lot of other stuff I really can't make out but they are just all oh-so-good!!! It's the Willi Wonka's Chocolate Factory in real life! I LOVE this place and I keep keep keep coming back! IF you really really can't make it to sit in for dinner, at least get one of their hot chocolate drinks and get a chocolate pizza! I really love those cups too! They are called Huggies, and what you do is you wrap your hands around the cup just hugging it and feeling its warmth!

841 Broadway (between 13th St & 14th St)