★Travel Taitung★ 說GO就GO台東_Taitung

Yeahhhhhhhhhhh Jenn and Janny's Three Days+Two Nights trip to Taitung was AWESOME!!!! :D

We had sooooooooooo much fun together!! We got to see soooo many amazing things, taste delicious food, meet incredible people, and enjoy the best out of each other!

I kept thinking about writing about all of this, but I almost can't seem to figure out where to start!! :P

It's amazing that we've known each other for SOOOO long now! Ten years and counting!

We used to all say that on the tenth year we know each other, we're gon take a trip SOMEWHERE together, but with the whole graduation, and friends spread out all over the world and stuff, it's just so difficult to get at!

But this time, there's no backing down! With Janny back in Taiwan, and over a quick cup of coffee, we decided to just get at it! Let's GO TAITUNG! :D

It actually felt like I just came back from Taitung not long ago, but I've been thinking about Eastern Taiwan ever since! It's such a beautiful part of Taiwan that still remains so mysterious and attractive to me! HENCE, after only like ... a short visit to a bookstore, and an afternoon "planning," we only had the entire trip ahead of us to look forward to!


Initially, we THOUGHT that we could cover both Taitung and Hualien over these three days, until we realized that that is just way too greedy!! Eastern Taiwan is MEANT to be experienced through slow travel, taking in as much of its riches through every breath and every step. (well in hour case, every mileage covered by our scooter lol)

However, with that said, ours slow travel involved us almost KILLING to enjoy every second! Rarely do we get the chance for such travel, we just HAD to experience every moment we could!

And so, we got up each morning at what normally are unbelievable hours, just to enjoy the dead gorgeous sunrises!!! They are to KILL for!!
With the one year in Florida, and the many years in Taichung on the West Coast, I've had had so many opportunities to savor its sunsets. But this time, right now, we're talking about SUNRISES!! Where better to enjoy it than in Eastern Taiwan, with the vast stretch of the Pacific Ocean stretching miles and miles unreachable before us?



The best part of this was, I'm actually getting to enjoy such a sunrise, not because I've been burning the midnight oil to see the sun gone down and coming up again on the other side, to be reminded that I have the handful of projects to be handed in in just a few more hours!! The best part of this is I'm getting to enjoy the sunrise just because I can!

And secondly, you've GOT to enjoy the sunrise coming up over the OCEAN!! It's just to DIE for!! Surrounded by the rolling emerald green mountains on the other side, and with the waves splashing and kissing on the sandy (actually more of "pebbly" :P) beaches at your feet ...

On both days, we took the recommendation from former travelers at 拉客棧 and admired all our sunrises, stargazing, even moon-watching at that "secret location!"

The considerately adorable little map a former traveler sketched!

On the very first night, we were really looking forward to stargazing! As I remembered the last time I was in Taitung, the stars were sprinkled all over the pitch-black canopy of the night that I felt as if they would shower down upon me.

This time, it turns out, that we were there to look at the moon instead! We were only one or two days late of the full moon, but it did seem almost as wholly. Such as night-scape seemed almost like watching a sunrise being Ctrl+I inversed! The moonlight casted was SO bright that I could have read a book or sewed a thread (not that I know how to sew) right under it!

Granted the sun giving its light in the day, and the moon's willful company at night, you know what this is?