[Singapore] Humble Observations in 2015 【新加坡觀察】

Today marks the last day of my stay here in Singapore. Some would think that ten days here is too long for a holiday, others would think that it takes a life time to truly get to know this island-country (as with every city and every country). 

It's truly been an amazing time for me here, especially since this is the country of my childhood, where I established my perspective for this world, where my values for the connection between urban life and the natural environment were built. 

Throughout these few days, I've gotten to see the "typical" Singapore, the "past" Singapore from my memories, as well the super new cosmopolitan eye-blinding bling bling modern Singapore! I was SO amazed when passing the CBD district and Marina Bay for the first time after already spending an entire week here! How well my friend had me tucked away in the REAL Singapore, away from all the lights and buildings! 

However, I may have been hanging around the "typical" Singapore environment, I have not been around "typical" Singaporeans. My friends have made this experience so much more unforgettable than I had ever thought. 

I feel so blessed and lucky to have chosen to come to Singapore right now, when they are holding their SEA Games (already winning EIGHTY-TWO gold medals as of today!) as well as celebrating their SG50. It is also considered the rainy season now I think, so it's not as blazing hot and scorching everyday, but cloudy with a comfortable breeze all the time. 

Here I'd like to list my own insignificant observations I've made over the past few days, however minute and probably only interesting to my own self. This is my idea of Singapore in 2015: (criticism and responses are welcome!)