Causing Scenes: Improveverywhere and Flash Mobs (Part 1)

Have I mentioned this before? --- Randomness is the answer! and the Best thing that adds to such randomness, is the People - the Community!

Two kinds or projects that I ESPECIALLY love, (well, one of them more of a collective than a particular type of project) Improveverywhere and FLASH MOBS!!! (this will go in Part 2 :P) It'd be awesome to be part of any of these projects, or even just run into them!

For most friends who have known me for a while must know how much I LOVE Improveverywhere!!

I'm guessing, best known for their No Pants Subway Ride, this year's mission is even more widespread than last year's!

As their motto: "We Cause Scenes," they sure bring a lot of fun into the community! It's these missions that bring awareness to people and the fun of spontaneity!

In their latest mission, the Mute button, totally throws me off! So cool!

And just a few of my favorites, I can watch these over and over again: The Human Mirror! This is soooo so cool!

The Frozen Grand Central! I would totally freak out if I ran into this! lol

For some reason, the High Five Escalator has always been my favorite! :D

Another favorite, Black Tie Beach 謝師宴結束真的應該這樣玩的!

You can totally tell that the smiles brought to the audience by these projects are GENUINE! Just hear out what the old guy at the end of this video says!

This one reminds me of this one post by Katie on the beauty of a bunch of people taking pictures together! Next time, remember to check out their backs!

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