Thank You Florida

Today is 2011 June 20th, officially 1 month + 3 days that I've been back in Taiwan. I WISH I could either say "It's officially the first day" or "first week" or even "10 days" (取個整數嘛) to say that I've been back ... but NOOOO, it's 1 month + 3 days. I'm very disappointed in myself 拖了這麼久的時間, 可是該謝的還是得謝!

It always feels weird to be finally looking back, and saying all these thank you's! It's like finally admitting the end of a phase, and concluding: "Thank you, had a great time with you, you made an impact in my life, and I hope I did too in yours!"

Besides thanking the BEAUTIFUL weather in Florida, the on-going vibe and energy in all of the States, and the opportunities and chances this year has to offer, there are sooooo many people I'd wanna thank!! 

So here we go! 

Causing Scenes: Improveverywhere and Flash Mobs (Part 3)

In addition to Improvevewhere as collectives that cause scenes, or create opportunities for public participation and community awareness, Newmindspace is another awesome group that hosts massive events!

Causing Scenes: Improveverywhere and Flash Mobs (Part 2)

WHO DOESN'T LOVE FLASHMOBS???!!!!!!!!!!! Especially those that involve DANCE!!!

"There are short-cuts to happiness, and dancing is one of them." - Vicki Baum

The T-Mobile Dance!!! I would jump into it myself even if I didn't know the dance! Woooohoooooo (sorry, I get excited over these EVERYTIME I watch them)

Causing Scenes: Improveverywhere and Flash Mobs (Part 1)

Have I mentioned this before? --- Randomness is the answer! and the Best thing that adds to such randomness, is the People - the Community!

Two kinds or projects that I ESPECIALLY love, (well, one of them more of a collective than a particular type of project) Improveverywhere and FLASH MOBS!!! (this will go in Part 2 :P) It'd be awesome to be part of any of these projects, or even just run into them!

For most friends who have known me for a while must know how much I LOVE Improveverywhere!!

I'm guessing, best known for their No Pants Subway Ride, this year's mission is even more widespread than last year's!

As their motto: "We Cause Scenes," they sure bring a lot of fun into the community! It's these missions that bring awareness to people and the fun of spontaneity!

In their latest mission, the Mute button, totally throws me off! So cool!


Seriously, it's OKAY to be THIS excited taking this metro line right?? I've just only been on it like twice before! And now that I get to freshly discover the places around where we're living now, it's just all so exciting!! I hopped right into what I thought was the first car on this line when I saw it pull in ... but it turned out to be the last car :P but that was totally fine, cuz I realized I actually get a much better view from this side! :D

今天要去看得是實踐建築的畢業設計展! I don't care what they say, 實踐建築做的<真的不只>是建築! All very eye-opening, and makes me kind of jealous at the same time. The stuff they can put their heart into exploring and making a complete blast out of their strengths ideas. 從裝置藝術、平面設計、影像影音,他們都全包了嘛! cool :D

I especially love the bus design thing one person did, that projects for cars to run around the city with purposes for selling groceries, grow gardens and all that! And these two actual built projects out on their lawn, one that completely uses a whole load of recycled elements of a building to build his (her?) own studio. And another that's just a whole party house in itself! You can SMELL the alcohol right when you climb up its ladder!

Becoming more and more excited now that I'm back in Taipei! So many people to meet! So many places to go! and ohhh all the events and activities they have going on around the city! I'm starting to think that 3-4 months of this summer is not enough! :P

★Travel★ 2011 On the Road

So WHY has this notion of travelling all of a sudden become like such a big and important thing that everyone's so eager to share and explore? Spreading imminently through all the books, magazines, blogs, street posts, art, everywhere?

Is it because of what this world is becoming: CONNECTED? Through people, place and experience. Is one single space, one single way of living is not enough to contain any individual anymore that you've GOT to reach out, and through all means, make yourself heard, felt, visible, even if its not by anyone else but yourself. To make yourself fell alive in this vast and interconnected world. The 2011 TREND! Here it is!

★Travel★ The Big Issue_在路上 / 一種旅行的狀態

Really loving The Big Issue! Especially the May edition 'just happened' to be on Travelling! So many concepts worth exploring and discussing!


"對許多人來說,旅行的意義只是從甲地移動到乙地,更多的是: 去追尋某種事務,去完成某個目標,去循著某個人的步伐,去經理某一段故事,去感受深厚的人情,去體驗真實的人生"

So ... if listed, 什麼是你旅行的意義?

★Travel★ Bitten By the Travel Bug

"Bitten by the travel bug," 旅行真的會上癮. Even though it did not start out with just pure enthusiasm and sense for exploration, but partly with the need to escape. To escape from the people, the work, the person I thought I was becoming at that time and place. But it seems the more you're out there, in a totally foreign place, somewhere you've never been before and with people you've never met, the more you start to understand yourself. Where you are in life and what has brought you here. 更懂得定位自己, and love where you came from. One line I've found myself saying over and over again this year: Everyone should visit Taiwan! Because we've got the scenes! Got the food! Got the people! Got the vibe! :D

★Travel★ Getting the Move On

Today I packed my bag, despite the rain, all ready to go out. I had my notebook with me, had both Bill Bryson and the other book on Travel that Mason gave to me because I couldn't decide on which one to start reading first. I had my music on, my umbrella ready, make up on, keys ready.

And then I caught a glimpse of our living room space and our cat rolling around carefree all over it. I decided to stay home in the end.

那天跟游曄熙聊到, the hardest part of travelling is probably getting from your home to the airport, in other words: Getting the move on. Well, I didn't exactly even make it out the front door today! But who's to say that travelling has to be getting from one place to the other? 



So I did something I've never done right here before: rolled out the carpet, set up the coffee table, DRAGGED the lamp out of my bro's room, turned up the radio and here I am sitting completely dressed in the living room with my self-served coffee and all the motivation I needed over this week to get started on the recap of this year. :D